How to Give Effective Feedback



"We talk about deadwood, but we don't talk to deadwood."
                                -- Zane Schauer, NOAA


It is fair to say that many managers dread giving feedback to their team members. This is natural among new managers, who are having to do it for the first time, but many managers never learn how to do it effectively.  Fortunately, there are simple strategies for giving effective feedback, and using them gets easier with practice. The best part is that the continued use of these skills is reinforced by the fact that difficult problems with employees go away if you actually deal with them.





Cover of Feedback that WorksFeedback that Works: How to Build and Deliver Your Message

By Sloan R. Weitzel

This practical guide from the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) provides a wealth of concrete tips on giving effective feedback, including their simple but effective Situation-Behavior-Impact model of feedback. Includes an excellent explanation of how to develop feedback skills, common pitfalls, and "The Dozen Dos's and Dont's of Effective Feedback."   Read More...

Cover of Giving Feedback to SubordinatesGiving Feedback to Subordinates

By Raoul J. Buron and Dana McDonald-Mann

A companion guide to Feedback that Works, Giving Feedback to Subordinates is a superb booklet from the Center for Creative Leadership that is packed with useful and actionable insights about giving effective feedback to subordinates, whether it be positive, negative, and developmental. Includes sections on the Situation-Behavior-Impact model, when to give feedback, how to build the feedback relationship, how to structure the feedback session, and how to handle the emotional impact of feedbcak. Using the strategies in this book will help ensure that your feedback is understood and will greatly reduce the likelihood of a defensive response.  Read More...