How to Use Stories as a Leader



Storytelling is an extremely useful skill for leaders. Not to be confused with telling "war stories" (a practice dreaded by many subordinates as a time waster), the strategic and deliberate use of stories can convey values, experience, and lessons to the next generation.



  • Lead With a Story
    Podcast series by Paul Smith with more than 80 brief episodes that demonstrate how to use stories as an effective leadership tool.


The Leader's Guide to Storytelling

By Stephen Denning

The Leader's Guide to Storytelling is a phenomenal resource for any leader who is interested in learning how to use storytelling effectively in their organization.  Denning describes the basic kinds of stories that can (and should) be used in organizations, such as stories designed to spark action, cultivate the organization's "brand" and prepare employees for the future.  He then provides a wealth of practical tips (including a great matrix) about how and when to tell each kind of story.  Exceptionally useful.  Read Chapter 1.

The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion Through the Art of Storytelling

By Annette Simmons

Ray Blunt argues in his article "Leaders and Stories..." that storytelling is a key tool for senior executives to use in developing the next generation of leaders. The Story Factor is a superb manual for anyone who wants to improve their storytelling skills. Simmons explains how stories can be one of the most effective means of influencing people who disagree with you. She also describes the six kinds of stories you should know how to tell and explains a number of storytelling "Do's and Dont's." An exceptionally useful addition to any leader's toolkit. Click here to read a PDF version of Chapter 1. Read More...

Whoever Tells the Best Story WinsWhoever Tells the Best Story Wins

By Annette Simmons

In Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins, Annette Simmons builds on her great book The Story Factor to walk the reader through the process of developing his/her own personal leadership stories related to the six stories you should know how to tell. Includes very helpful guidance on telling Who-I-Am stories, Teaching stories, Vision stories, Values-In-Action stories and "I-Know-What-You-Are-Thinking stories. Read More...