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Using this Site

GovLeaders.org is a free resource for government managers who wish to cultivate their leadership skills. The site was founded in 2002 by a career public servant who believes passionately that effective leadership is critical to effective government. He makes no money from the site and runs it at his own expense as a service for his fellow public managers.


Trainers who teach leadership to public sector personnel are encouraged to share this site with their students and colleagues.


Permission to Use GovLeaders.org Content

Articles that are copyrighted by GovLeaders.org (i.e. that say "© GovLeaders.org" at the bottom of the page) may be reproduced for use in leadership courses or other venues that promote effective government. Please just make sure to indicate that the materials are from GovLeaders.org. Please contact us if you have any questions. We always appreciate hearing about how the materials are being used.


Some of the articles on this site are copyrighted by other individuals or organizations and the copyright owners have kindly allowed us to post them. GovLeaders.org does not have the authority to authorize re-publication of those materials unless it says otherwise at the bottom of a given article.


Designing a Leadership Development Program

If you have been tasked with developing or re-designing a leadership development course or program for your agency, you may find the following articles to be of interest:



If you wish to see how other organizations structure their leadership development programs, you may find it useful to explore our links to executive development programs and to the leadership development programs of U.S. Federal Government agencies and State governments.


Get Your Site Listed

If your agency's leadership development program has a web site and it is not listed on GovLeaders.org, please contact us.