Leading Change in Government





  • Tips for Change Agents, by Don Jacobson
    How to build support for your big idea.

  • The Three Questions, by William Bridges
    Useful tips on helping your team adjust to change.

  • Slow Ideas, by Atul Gawande
    Article from The New Yorker about getting people to adopt of new practices.


Cover of "Building the Bridge as You Walk on It"

Building the Bridge as You Walk on It: A Guide for Leading Change

By Robert E. Quinn

In this superb sequel to Deep Change, Robert Quinn introduces us to the "state of fundamental leadership"--a state of being in which we are other-focused, externally open, internally-directed, and purpose-centered.  Quinn contrasts the fundamental state of leadership with the "normal state," in which we are self-focused, internally closed, externally-directed, and comfort-centered.  Includes many great stories as well as reflective exercises that can help readers on the path to deep change.  Click here to read chapter 1.

Cover of "Deep Change"

Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within

By Robert E. Quinn

This thought-provoking book starts with the premise that deep changes in an organization must begin with deep changes with the individuals in that organization--whether they be the CEO or a mid-level manager.  Quinn argues that too many people--and organizations-- choose "slow death" (i.e. incremental change or even inaction) over "deep change" even though it is often only deep change that can rejuvenate them.  Includes many terrific stories that provide insightful new perspectives on change and self-empowerment.  Highly recommended. Read More...