Articles & Books on Public Leadership



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The most effective leaders take care of their people while focusing on results. To do this, they need to be able to create a great work climate, master leader-follower dynamics, foster innovation, lead change and respond to crises.



    Leading in Government

    A broad range of readings on the challenges of leadership in government and advice on how to adapt to the challenges of the public sector.

  • Leadership Rules
    Advice and tips from effective leaders such as Powell and Rickover.

  • Motivation
    How to create an environment that will encourage your team to put their heart into their work.

  • Followership
    We are all followers in some context. Learn how to play that role effectively.

  • Innovation
    Learn to create a climate that promotes continous improvement.

  • Leading Change
    Change is hard. And it starts with you.

  • Driving Performance with Data
    Performance data can be a powerful tool for focusing and motivating your team. Learn how to do it well.

  • Crisis Leadership
    We never know when a crisis will strike. Be ready for it.