Leadership Development Resources for Senior Executives

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Senior Executives tend to underestimate their impact on the staff


As leaders move up in the organization, their impact--and the skills they need to develop--changes in important ways.


Given the number of people we impact, it is critical that senior executives:

  • Cultivate self-awareness to reduce the gap between their intentions and their impact;

  • Reflect on their set-backs and challenges to enhance resilience;

  • Remember that their character will have an out-sized impact on the willingness of others to follow them;

  • Cultivate the leadership skills of those coming up in the organization behind them;

  • Learn to work with political appointees;

  • Create a climate of candor;

  • Foster innovation;

  • Leave a legacy by making the organization stronger;

  • Learn to manage managers, as executives are farther removed from the front lines; and

  • Continually improve their leadership skills, as those who stop learning inevitaby derail.





Growing the Next Generation of Leaders



Dynamics with Political Appointees



Creating a Climate of Candor


  • The Leadership Challenge, by Michael Roberto
    Chapter 1 of the book Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer


Your Leadership Legacy



A Leader's Legacy

By James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner

In this thoughtful book, the authors of The Leadership Challenge look at a wide range of leadership issues through the prism of how leaders can go about creating a lasting legacy.  Each chapter works well as a short essay on a key leadership topic, but also ties into the overall theme of how to create a legacy.  Covers such issues as demonstrating courage, earning and maintaining trust, creating a shared vision, seeking feedback, telling stories, dealing with dissenting views, empowering employees, and the importance of wanting to be liked.  Read Chapter 1.


Fostering Innovation



Supervising Managers


Continual Learning













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