Articles on Employee Engagement


The Gallup Organization has very graciously allowed to post the following articles from the Gallup Management Journal.

  • Is Your Company Bleeding Talent? 
    The Gallup Organization has identified six factors that represent the foundation of great management. 

  • Building a Highly Engaged Workforce
    Q&A with Curt Coffman (co-author of First, Break All the Rules and Follow This Path) about what managers can do to keep employees engaged. 

  • Their Best Friend At Work
    Diane Marinacci of the General Services Administration built a high-performance team by implementing management practices that make it clear to her staff that she really cares about them.

  • Transforming Government
    Describes how Marcella Banks, Assistant Administrator of the Federal Technology Service (FTS) of GSA's Greater Southwest Region, made excellent use of Gallup's Q12 survey data to take her organization to a whole new level. 

  • Getting Personal in the Workplace
    Discusses the importance of actively encouraging friendships at work and confronting problem employees who tend to poison workplace chemistry.