Life Mission Statement Worksheet

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  1. Flash forward to your 80th birthday and think about what you would like said about you toward the end of your life. How would you want people to remember what you contributed to the world with others?

  2. What strengths have you demonstrated over time?

  3. Which activities have given you the greatest sense of accomplishment and happiness?

  4. What person has shaped your life the most significantly and what qualities do they have?

  5. Who are the most important people in your life?

  6. 5.A. How are you doing spending time with them?

  7. What are you passionate about?

  8. Are you satisfied with the results of your life so far?

  9. What would you change in your life if it were only one or two things?

  10. What do you need to learn for the next stage of life?

  11. What does your day-to-day calendar reveal about you?

  12. Take what you are learning about yourself and express it in a relatively simple statement, easily remembered, but that ties you back to all that you know about how you have been shaped and called over your life so far. It essentially answers the question, “Why were you uniquely placed on earth at this time?”

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    Adapted from “On a Mission” by Ray Blunt and First Things First by Steven R. Covey.